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The end of your life is probably not a time you want to think about. However, we will all pass away one day, and spending a little bit of time preparing for it now can go a long way toward making the grieving process easier on your loved ones.

Make the grieving process easier

Grief is incredibly painful, and your friends and family will have a lot to deal with after losing you. The grieving process becomes even more difficult when you add the numerous logistical challenges your survivors will face. Your family will need to speak with your insurance agents, find ways to access your digital accounts, and take care of anything that remains on your to-do list, all while in mourning.

You can help your family through this challenging time, one of the most challenging things they will ever go through. With a prepared will ahead of time, you can have a say in how your assets are divided and can take the burden off your family. If you would like to give money to children or grandchildren for their education, or pass along a family cabin to the next generation, or make sure your favorite necklace goes to your best friend, you can make sure that will happen.

You need to write a will

Many people put off writing a will, either because they think the process is simple – “just give everything to my spouse” – or because it seems so overwhelming that they don’t want to get started. In fact, neither of those are true. Writing a will is important, necessary, and should not be overlooked. It ensures your assets go precisely where you want them to.

While you may want most of your assets to default to your spouse, or your children if you outlive your spouse, there are probably a few things that would benefit from having the next owner specified. Alternatively, you might want to make sure things are divided among your children and grandchildren in the way you see fit, instead of leaving room for family squabbles down the road. Luckily, that does not mean you need to define the next owner of every pen and t-shirt you own. Our legal team can help you navigate the challenges of writing a clear and concise will. We will also help you complete it quickly.

Help for Surviving Family and Friends

If you are the family member of someone who recently passed, and they left a will, you probably need to deal with the probate process. This emotional time is another situation that benefits from a knowledgeable legal team. Wills need to go through probate to be proved as a valid document so that the deceased’s wishes can be fulfilled. Thankfully this is not a complicated process. In fact, it usually only involves four simple steps:

  1. File a petition with the probate court and appoint the executor. You should also notify all heirs at this point if they have not been already.
  2. Give notice to anyone owed a debt by the deceased, and take an inventory of property.
  3. Pay all estate and funeral expenses.
  4. Transfer all property according to the will.

Of course, if you are not a lawyer, anything involving the court system can seem incredibly complicated. Plus, it may also take longer than necessary. You will spend a lot of time involved with the legal system, which can be a challenge even during the easiest of times – and mourning is undoubtedly not one of those times. Although the process is straightforward, getting help from someone with experience in probate court, like our firm, will make it considerably more bearable.

Knowledgeable and Caring

Death and dying is an incredibly difficult topic for anyone to discuss. We understand that thinking about your mortality, or coping with the death of a loved one, is incredibly difficult. Our team is experienced at helping people through challenging times in their life, and we can help you navigate logistical challenges so that you can focus on emotional healing.

If you are ready to begin writing your will or need assistance with the probate process, Bandoske Butler Reuter Attorneys at Law is here to help you. It can be overwhelming to consider beginning this process, but you will feel much better as soon as you get started. Our compassionate attorneys will help you get through this challenging time.

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